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SIDERIS is a docu-series exploring the fascinating world of meteorites. A topic so broad that it combines science, anthropology and future missions to space. 

In the first episode we will tell the incredible adventures of those who explore deserts in search of asteroid fragments.

Giorgio (known as the Indiana Jones of meteorites) and Lina will be leaving soon for a new expedition to the Sahara Desert to search for meteorites. This time we want to be there with them so you can experience this great adventure that combines travel, science and the search for messages coming to us from the cosmos.

We will sleep among sand dunes and travel hundreds of kilometers with our eyes on the ground, and with any luck we may film a meteorite find...


Giorgio Tomelleri and his wife Lina have been traveling thousands of kilometers in African deserts with their jeep for 25 years. 

In their explorations they go in search of something very ancient that has come from space...Meteorites, fragments of asteroids that have traveled for millions of years before falling to our planet. 

To find a rock falling from the sky is to hold something that no one else has ever touched before.

The world's most important meteorite discoveries are due to their findings. 

They have even found meteorites coming from Mars, the Moon and the asteroid Vesta. In 2015, Giorgio gave Pope Francis a Martian meteorite as a gift. 

He was then contacted by ESA to show and tell his experience on meteorite recognition to astronauts Luca Parmitano, Samantha Cristoforetti and Alexander Gerst and Stephane Wilson of NASA.


We have already done a small part of the filming in Verona where our main characters live. We have been self-financing. Now we need your help to cover the costs of this expedition.

With the funds raised we will be able to:

  • Support the travel expenses and board the mythical toyota on the ship
  • Rent another 4x4 vehicle for the crew
  • Pay for a local guide who will help us with logistics and management of the vehicle

Help us with a donation!


We strongly believe in that cinema can unite the micro-universe with the macro. Through the small story of our meteorite researchers we have the opportunity to let insights and reflections on the universal themes of the origin of man flourish.

We have a chance to do science in another mode, where field research allows the viewer to identify with and become passionate about a world and then delve into it and study it later.

In addition, with this story we will be able to disseminate the information needed to recognize meteorites so more and more people can make their personal contribution to scientific research and feed this fascinating world themselves.

In meteorite researchers, there is not just adventure or mere collecting but the search for something that goes beyond and can unite science with an ancestral need to reconnect with nature. Giorgio, one of our protagonists, tried to tell us about the emotion he feels every time in listening to the silence of the desert, the emotion of feeling at one with mother earth...

Thanks to meteorites, science has found primordial life forms such as amino acids, clues that may support the thesis of panspermia where life on earth would have come via precisely meteorites and comets (water carriers). Thanks to them we will one day be able to understand how our solar system was created.


A collective of professionals who have been working in the audiovisual industry for over 15 years. We have a natural inclination towards subjects with an international scope both fiction and documentary.

We create content in which seemingly distant themes interpenetrate and leave the viewer with the opportunity to develop a new point of view.

We tell exciting stories in which we combine science and philosophy, nature and social issues.

Dillo a tutti!



Conosci il progettista:


Giuseppe Ferreri - Giuseppe Ferreri





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